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Writer, Musicologist, Composer

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Colette Mourey


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Colette Mourey, Composer, Writer, Musicologist

Catalogue of Works: more than 1,000 musical compositions

Colette Mourey Scores

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Welcome to the official website of Colette Mourey, renowned composer, writer and musicologist, and creator of more than a thousand titles familiar to musical performers, publishers and sheet music sellers. Her music is well known to concert organisers, and is performed at music festivals, concert halls, and so on.

The catalogue of Colette Mourey’s works can be accessed on this website. You can purchase these scores at sheet music shops or buy/download them through the publishers’ websites. These include scores for guitar, mandolin, piano, and organ, and scores for orchestra, strings, wind section, percussion, chamber music, and scores for voice: choir and songs, etc.

So, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for and will be able to listen to high quality scores which are appreciated and played by some of the greatest artists and performers in the sphere of music and orchestra.

Colette Mourey, First Prize at “Music and Earth;” “The Twentieth International Competition for Instrumentalists and Composers;” “IBLA Grand Prize.”

Whether you’re a musical performer, a teacher, a publisher, a sheet music seller or shop, and/or you would like to organise a music festival or concert, you’re guaranteed to find a catalogue of original scores on Colette Mourey’s website which will suit your every need.

Feel free to get in touch with Colette Mourey directly to obtain full details and thrill the airwaves with original works which are accessible at an international level!