The famous « Compendium Musicae Flauta », enciclopaedia with the titles for 15 thousand works for the flute (in various formations from solo piccolo to flutes and orchestra) composed by  over 3 thousand women composers from 100 countries, is now being printed by SMASHER and will be ready for distribution in October.
Herewith for your information a listing of the women composers included……….
This book started its life 20 years ago……and on behalf of everyone in the Donne in Musica Foundation and our network, I wish to thank and congratulate our friend, the flautist and musicologist Vilma Campitelli who, with enormous passion and dedication, accepted my proposal that she should « take on » this project.  We have helped along the way and our famous « Data Banks » in Fiuggi have been enormously useful but it is Vilma who has painstakingly worked and contacted women composers in our network in every part of the world to see what they have written for the flute.