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Colette Mourey


Member SUISA


Born in 1954, Colette Mourey is a musicologist, writer, composer, arranger and orchestrator offering over 1,000 published works. She teaches at the University of Franche-Comté in France and wants to be the inventor of the “hypertonalité” Innovative music system based on spiraliques scales. Colette Mourey won the first prize of the competition for instrumentalists and composers “Music and Earth” and the “Grand Prize IBLA”.

1er prix «Music and Earth » : « XX° International Competition for Instrumentalists and Composers »;

« Grand Prize IBLA »

« Abacus » : sélection « Done in Musica » 2017  (UNESCO, International Music Council)


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  1. Florian
    20 mai 2015 @ 17 h 30 min

    Très beau site 😉


    • Colette
      22 mai 2015 @ 11 h 36 min

      Génial !


    • Ezgi
      21 février 2016 @ 17 h 29 min

      THANK YOU SO MUCHHH!!so hard to find this music sheet..there are some in internet but quite dienerfft with the original music..ur sheet likely to be similar with the original music..thank you so much..anw,could you scan the other score?i mean like someday-do u know or ashily-lucky..i’d like to have the book,but i think they didn’t sell it in indonesia..THANK’S once again!!


  2. Ton Huijsman
    28 mai 2015 @ 9 h 13 min

    A very nice website with tons of good music. Fascinating how nice you write for so many different combinations. Congratulaions.
    Warm regards,
    Ton Huijsman Founder bij


  3. frano
    29 mai 2015 @ 11 h 24 min

    Congrats on a great site! Wishing you all the best,


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