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Musical compositions: latest news

Check out this page the latest news on musical compositions Colette Mourey, concerts in France and abroad, the festivals and performers offering attentive original works composed by Colette Mourey.

Michel Butor

\”Songs of the Rose Voices\”, \”Spiraliques Songs,\” \”Songs of Darkness,\” \”Melodies Champêtres\”, \”Buxtehude\”, \”Bach\”, \”The Hands of guitarist\”, \”Oceans and Mountains\”. ..

Festival International de guitare de Portland


  1. Sebastián Subatin
    23 mai 2015 @ 15 h 24 min

    Dear Colette: thanks for your beautifull and interesting music.
    Best regards.
    Trío Matiegka from Buenos Aires


    • Colette
      25 mai 2015 @ 7 h 43 min

      Dear Sebastian,
      Your trio is marvellous ! All my wishes of great successes with your concerts and recordings !


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