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Dear Collette,
Let me extend my sincerely congratulations for your outstanding work simply impressive!

I really like and enjoy the energy and determination that true your notes evolve the sound until touch the soul.

Jose Miguel as A}S, 18/06/15

Astra d’Oudney, 16/06/2015

« Colette a eu la gentillesse de me dédier son Concerto Amazonien. C’est une excursion fascinante dans son projet de l’hypertonalité. Dans sa musique, il y a beaucoup de différentes textures et d’ambiances qui inspirent des mots descriptifs comme : à suspense, dramatique, ce qui crée des atmosphères. L’innovation est toujours présente dans le travail méticuleux de cette compositrice exceptionnelle et prolifique. Colette, je te souhaite une très bonne continuation et inspiration! »

Astra, Guitariste, Chanteuse-Compositrice,

“Colette was kind enough to dedicate her Amazonian Concerto to me. It is a fascinating excursion into her hypertonality project. In her music, there are many different textures and ambiences which inspire such descriptive words as, suspenseful, dramatic, atmosphere-creating. Innovation is ever present in the meticulous work of this outstanding, prolific composer. Colette, I wish you every continued success and inspiration!”

Astra, Guitarist, Singer-Songwriter,

Stanley Yates

Concert Guitarist / Professor of Music at APSU

Colette Mourey is a composer for the guitar, not simply a guitarist with an ear attracted to nice effects. Her compositions deserve the attention of all guitarists who are serious about contemporary music.

Miguel del Aguila

Dear Colette, I enjoyed very much discovering your music. You have a talent for guitar writing and for achieving beautiful textures and sounds. beautiful music!

On 6/06/15

It was big pleasure and honor to play some pieces of French composer Colette Mourey. She has a special way of composing and very cognizable style, a little different than other composers, and I think in the future people will more and more recognize her great work.

Petar Culic, 02/06/2015

Valérie Hartzell

Enjoyed the piece and the interpretation. Fantastic!

Le 23 / 03 / 2015

LinkedIn Recommandations
Sotirios Dimitriadis a recommandé votre travail (COMPOSITEUR – Editions Soldano).
Madame Colette Mourey is an exceptional multitasking composer, a free spirit with vivid, colourful ideas, a profound disciplined working ethos and endless inspiration, elements that define her vast, multiple awarded productivity and her distinguished position among contemporary composers.

Her advanced sensitivity leads Mrs. Mourey to new heights. It is my pleasure to recommend this extraordinary personality. She has a great future ahead of her.

Chère Colette,
Je viens de terminer la lecture de cette magnifique composition… Votre musique est toujours dans mes souvenirs, je l’aime chaque jour de plus en plus …

Merci du fond du coeur.

Eugenio Grossetto

Wonderful music. Thanks.
Jacques Bailhe

J’aime beaucoup:aussi bien l’extrait, enregistré, que l’oeuvre écrite que j’ai commencée à jouer…
Anne Robert

Dear Maestro,

the piece is wonderful. I have printed it and put on my music stand.
I love it.
Thank you.
With best wishes.
Edoardo Catemario

gros succès hier à l’école de votre Partita Hypertonale n° 6
que j avais proposée comme pièce de CFEM
merci à vous

Beltran Didier

Thank you for your Impromptu n. 4, inspired piece indeed and very well written for the guitar.
Emanuele Segre

Dear Maestra
it’s fantastic your composition and the guitar player!

Ernesto Mahuire


That is wonderful!!!!  Truly wonderful!  You are so skilled and talented…..I will start in on it this week!
How lovely!  Thank you so much!

James Barr

Thank you dear Colette, congratulations for your work!

Leonardo Rozas Villegas

Merci beaucoup pour cette oeuvre qui fera certainement son chemin
Jean-François LUTZ

Es de lo más importante que me ha ocurrido en mi vida profesional y que llena de satisfacción a la personal.
Te estoy muy agradecido de corazón.
Un fuerte abrazo.
Pepito Paya

Dear Mrs Mourey,

your work shows significant pianistic elements. It is Maestro’s wish for you to keep your excitement up for creating musical passion which speaks purely to the hearts.

Kind Regards,

The Secretary
PR & Press Office

Sotirios Dimitriadis, Ph.D.
Master Pianist, Professor,
State Consultant, Culture & Education

Dear Colette,

the music looks amazing! Thank you for the piece.
I will try to put it in repertoire as soon as possible.
With warmest personal regards
Edoardo Catemario

From Stephen Reck :
Colette Mourey’s pieces for solo guitar are a tour de force. Encompassing a wide range of emotions  they speak in an original and accessible guitar language to both artist and audience.  Delightfully challenging  for the player, her pieces are idiomatic, inspiring and will stretch the imagination….

My dear Colette,

your devotion to music is remarkable, so I personally would like to take the time for you, expressing my joy, regarding this fact.
Dedication and Quality control, are very powerful steps towards music fulfillment. The most important aspect is the soul, from which all of the musicians energy shall arise. Pure, potent, powerful.
I would like to personally thank you for your dedication. It is my belief, that, from what I have seen so far, this is an excellent example of the hypertonal music language. It can serve as an Arcana imperii for future inspiration. Well done Colette.
Experentia docet. Docendo discimus.
What is its approximate duration? I might even lead my fingers to a conference regarding your composition. It is a powerful work. Luceat lux vestra, Colette!

Best Regards,
Sotiris Dimitriadis

Sotirios Dimitriadis, Ph.D.
Master Pianist, Professor, State/Government Advisor
Univ. degree Certified Physiotherapist, Special. Field: Neurophysiology
Official Website: master-pianist(dot)com

Jan Karman

« If I look at your scores I feel a tinker”. That’s what Edward Elgar said while
viewing the scores of Brahms.

I love your “daring” harmonies – perfectly performed on the guitar by Stephen Reck!

A few years ago Colette Mourey wrote Ogives for tuba and piano. This is a thrilling, wonderful, and important new piece of repertoire for the tuba. Her work is outstanding and among some of the best music being written today.

Jeffrey J. Meyer, tubist
Director of Bands, Sul Ross State University

Jeffrey J. Meyer, D.M.A.
On May 23, 2015

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